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Looking for professional power washing services in Greenville, SC? Then you’re on the right website! We are Childers Pressure Washing, and we want nothing more than to make your surfaces shine. How do we bring out that shine, though? Using pressurized water, of course! Water is one of nature’s oldest forces. It can carve rivers and erode mountains, and now, it can clean the surfaces around your property, too. We simply use our hoses to spray those surfaces down, quickly disturbing and removing all the built-up dirt and debris. If this somehow isn’t enough to remove all that grime, we have additional tricks up our sleeves. For example, we can use a treatment chemical to loosen up any debris that survives our first round of power washing. That way, when we spray it down a second time, it disappears before your very eyes! Now that’s the magic of Childers Pressure Washing in action!

To schedule a power washing appointment with us, simply contact us online and let us know how we can help. Once we’ve learned about your project, we’ll give you a cost estimate, put you on our schedule, and start planning for your appointment! Expect a courtesy call from us before we arrive, and we’ll start power washing immediately afterwards. While we remove dirt and grime from your surfaces, you’re free to spend the time however you’d like. We’ll just get your attention once we’ve finished our work. That way, you’ll have to chance to admire those bright, clean, and smooth surfaces for yourself. We think you’ll agree that Childers Pressure Washing transformed your property for the better!

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Concrete Power Washing Services Greenville SC

Concrete Power Washing

Our concrete power washing is the easiest way to clean concrete, especially considering we’ll do all the hard work for you! We’ll begin by treating the surface with sodium hypochlorite, quickly weakening all the dirt and debris present. Then, we’ll spray the entire surface down. That should be all it takes to reveal bright and beautiful concrete that you’ll love!

House Power Washing Services Greenville SC

House Power Washing

With our house power washing services, it’s no longer a question of when you’ll have time to spray down your residential property. It’s just a question of how soon you’ll book an appointment with us. Our professionals will happily clean those surfaces and remove all the debris in as little as two to three hours. Pretty fast, wouldn’t you say?

Roof Power Washing Services Greenville SC

Roof Power Washing

Our roof power washing is the solution to any roof that’s covered with dirt and debris. We can also remove organic matter, such as moss and mold, from your rooftop. This is especially important because these substances could spread around uncontrollably if left alone. Leave it to us to eliminate them all and leave your roof looking magnificent!

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Of course, when our power washing services don’t fit the bill, there are other ways we can help you, too. For example, power washing is not recommended if your surfaces are made of vinyl or plastic. This is because these soft materials can become damaged if sprayed with high-pressure water! Don’t worry, as we can still make them clean. We’ll just use a technique called soft washing instead. Soft washing uses low-pressure water and makes up for the lost strength using increased temperature and cleaning agents. So, even if we can’t power wash your surfaces as normal, don’t worry. We’ll be able to make them look their best one way or another!

We also offer a variety of other services that might pique your interest. For example, our gutter cleaning makes a good pairing for our power washing. After all, who doesn’t like bright, clean rain gutters? We can also wash your fences, your sidewalks, your driveways, and more! Whatever sort of help you need from us, we want to learn more about it. So why not give us a call and let us know what we can do? Call us at 828-447-6538 to book an appointment with us today!

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