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We understand that it’s frustrating to have dirty surfaces on your property, and that’s exactly why we provide professional pressure washing in Gastonia, NC no matter who you are! You could be a residential client who needs help at their home, or you could be a commercial client who wants to add some extra curb appeal to their business. Either way, Childers Pressure Washing is ready to report for duty! If you book an appointment with us, we’ll be at your location right on time with all the equipment we need for the job. We’ll have surface cleaners for those flat surfaces, hoses for everything else, and protective gear to make sure our employees stay safe. With all these tools combined, we’re able to make your surfaces shine in no time. We won’t leave any dirt or debris behind. Instead, we’ll give you results that make your eyes double in size. That’s how surprised you’ll be when you see how bright those surfaces glow at the end of your appointment!

So, how long does a pressure washing appointment last? That depends on the total amount of surface area you need us to wash. For example, a small back patio may only take us half an hour to clean. A driveway usually takes us one hour; a house wash takes us two to three. As you can imagine, projects like parking garage washes take considerably longer, but don’t worry, as we will never use that as an excuse to take our merry time. Childers Pressure Washing stays focused on the task at hand, ensuring it gets done in an efficient manner. After all, you deserve clean surfaces fast, wouldn’t you say?

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House Washing NEAR ME in Gastonia, NC

Let’s talk more about our house washing in Gastonia, NC. What exactly goes down in this sort of service? Generally, it involves pressure washing the outside walls of the property. The level of water pressure that we’ll use depends on the material the outside walls are made of. If they’ve been constructed from sturdy brick or stucco, we can use full-pressure water without having to worry about any damage. Vinyl lining, on the other hand, wouldn’t do so well if it were pressure washed as normal. That’s why we’ll soft wash it instead. (The soft washing technique uses lower-pressure water instead.) No matter what your outside walls are made of, we’ll make sure all grime is washed away. That includes frustrating organic growths like moss, algae, and mold, too!

By the way, if you have other surfaces around your household that need our attention, don’t hesitate to let us know about them. Need us to run our surface cleaner across your driveway? Want us to hose down your back patio? Well, just ask, and we’ll make it happen! We’ll just adjust the price of your appointment accordingly. Don’t worry, as Childers Pressure Washing never adds hidden fees to your final bill. We know you wouldn’t appreciate that sort of foul play, and that’s why we avoid it entirely. We find that honesty and integrity are better tenets to run a business by!

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Transform Your Rooftop

Roof Cleaning NEAR ME in Gastonia, NC

We also offer professional roof cleaning in Gastonia, NC! So, if your rooftop is covered with dirt, moss, and mold, now’s your chance to eliminate that debris for good. Just contact us online and let us know how we can assist you. In particular, we’re interested in learning what material your roof is made of, as well as how large it is. Provide this information, and we can start planning ahead for your appointment and even give you a cost estimate. On your appointment day, we’ll be there with washing equipment and ladders. After some brief introductions, we’ll climb onto your roof, and that’s when the fun will begin!

Every roof cleaning appointment starts with a chemical pre-treatment. Basically, we use a special cleaning agent to weaken deep-seated dirt and kill any organic matter in the area. After giving this chemical a few minutes to work its magic, we’ll proceed to soft wash the roof. All debris more or less vanishes as soon as we spray it thanks to that chemical pre-treatment. By the time we’ve finished our work, your roof will look more radiant and attractive than ever before. Needless to say, you won’t regret scheduling an appointment with Childers Pressure Washing!

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