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#1 Pressure Washing Services in Simpsonville, SC

Our pressure washing in Simpsonville, SC is the best choice near you! At Childers Pressure Washing, we have proudly served the community of Simpsonville for years, and we’re not planning on stopping anytime soon. After all, as long as there is a surface that still needs to be washed, there’s someone who still needs our help. So, do you need our help? If so, contact us online and let us know about your pressure washing project. Then, schedule an appointment! We’ll be there with a big team and a complete set of pressure washing tools (e.g. hoses, pumps, and surface cleaners). Once we have arrived, all you have to do is show us the surfaces that need to be washed. It doesn’t matter if they’re covered with a light amount of dirt or completely caked with moss. We will make them completely clean, and that’s our promise to you! Count on us to work as hard as we can to ensure we achieve your satisfaction!

Here’s how the pressure washing process works. First, we’ll review your surfaces and perform a chemical pre-treatment if necessary. This chemical pre-treatment wears down dirt and debris so it can be more easily removed. Next, we’ll spray the area down with pressurized water. This is generally accomplished using hoses, but in the case of flat surfaces, we can use surface cleaners instead. Finally, we will double-check our work before displaying it to you. Ta-da! Your once-filthy surfaces are suddenly spotless. It sounds like a miracle, but that’s just the sort of work we do all week, every week. So make sure your project is on our calendar this week, too! That way, we can transform your surfaces sooner rather than later.

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Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

#1 House Washing in Simpsonville, SC

Our house washing in Simpsonville, SC is the quality solution to any debris-covered house! If the outside walls of your residential property need our attention, don’t wait to let us know about it. We’ll be there on the double with pressure washing hoses and the will to get some serious work done. During house washing, we will make sure to eliminate all the debris we can find. This includes dirt, as well as organic matter such as moss, mold, and algae. These funguses spread like a bad fad, wearing down your surfaces as they do, which is why it’s so important that we remove them all. Don’t worry—we won’t let any of these “creepy-crawlies” survive the pressure washing appointment. Once we’ve finished our work, you’ll have a house that shines bright! The best part is that it only takes us two to three hours to make it happen!

We can wash houses of all shapes and sizes. Whether yours is one story tall, two stories tall, or perhaps even taller, we can make those exterior walls shine. What’s more, we can pressure wash other surfaces around your property, too. So, if you feel like your porch, driveway, or front walk could use some help, we’ll be happy to help them. Whatever it takes to make your property the most attractive one on the block! To get started, call us at 828-447-6538 and let us know you’d like an appointment.

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Revitalizing Your Roof, Right Here In Simpsonville

#1 Roof Cleaning Company in Simpsonville, SC

We also offer roof cleaning in Simpsonville, SC. That way, you don’t have to worry about unfolding a ladder, purchasing equipment, and washing that rooftop for yourself. This sort of work is best left to our professional team anyway. We make roofs clean using a special soft washing technique. Regular pressure washing is too strong and would damage delicate rooftops. Because of this, we use lower-pressure water instead. Don’t worry, as it’ll still be enough to get rid of dirt and debris. We’ll simply heat the water up and add special cleaning chemicals to give it a little more “oomph”. That way, your roof can look its best whether it’s made of asphalt, clay, metal, or any other material you can imagine!

We are open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. That’s six days of the week you can have us swing by and clean your roof. So if you need our assistance, don’t wait to let us know about it. Our pros are itching to give your roof a much-needed makeover!

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