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Roof Cleaning NEAR ME in Greenville, SC

Is it time to schedule professional roof cleaning services in Greenville, SC? A quick look at your rooftop, and you should be able to answer that question for yourself. What do you see up there? A thick layer of dirt? Splotches of moss? Specks of mold that seem to stretch from one end of your roof to the other? If you discovered any of these things, it’s time to get in touch with Childers Pressure Washing and put an end to these problems. Our team of experts has washed more roofs than they can count, and they’d love to help you out next. Just contact us online and let us know how we can assist you. After you’ve booked your appointment, you can expect us to be there on time for the work. We’ll be there with all the equipment we need, a fully trained team, and the right attitude for the job, too. Just accept our upfront quote, and we’ll climb onto your roof, get our hoses ready, and start transforming your dirty roof into a clean one!

Here’s how roof washing works. First, we’ll put a special cleaning chemical on the rooftop. This chemical breaks down any dirt and debris in the area, making the job easier right out of the gates. Once this step is complete, we’ll proceed to soft wash the rooftop, spraying away grime with warm, low-pressure water. This is more than enough to restore your roof’s shine, and if you decide to stick around and watch, you’ll get to watch those bright colors come back out for yourself. Of course, you’re not required to “supervise” our work. If you have errands to run or chores to do, we encourage you to use the time for those instead. We’ll just give you a call as soon as we’ve finished cleaning your roof. How convenient is that?

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Reviving Your Surfaces

Roof Washing NEAR ME Greenville, SC

Asphalt Roof Washing Services Greenville SC

Asphalt Roof Washing

For asphalt roof cleaning that leaves you smiling, choose Childers Pressure Washing. How it works is simple. First, we climb onto your roof. Then, we spray those shingles one after another, making sure we get all those edges and corners, too. Finally, we review our work, make sure no debris is left behind, and reveal the newly dazzling rooftop to you!

Metal Roof Washing Services Greenville SC

Metal Roof Washing

Our metal roof cleaning is a great way to get rid of dirt and even rust! We use a special rust removal agent to eliminate unwanted brown stains from your metal roof. That way, your roof can shine radiantly again. It’ll be as if it was installed yesterday.

Tile Roof Cleaning

Our tile roof cleaning is done exclusively by fully trained experts you can trust. Leave it to them to chemically treat and hose down your roof tiles. They won’t cause any damage along the way because they understand the techniques they’re using. Childers Pressure Washing is a fully insured business, meaning you don’t need to worry when we’re on the job.

Helping All Our Clients

Residential and Commercial Roof Washing Services in Greenville, SC

Our roof washing services are the way to go no matter what sort of building you’d like us to work on. For example, local homeowners will appreciate our roof cleaning services because, well, who doesn’t want their house to have a pristine rooftop? We conveniently provide these homeowners with exactly that. In fact, it only takes us around two hours to get the work done. Of course, we also provide local business owners with commercial roof washing if that’s what they need. It goes without saying that a business with a clean roof is more likely to bring in customers. So make sure the roof of your store, restaurant, hotel, or office building isn’t caked with filth. Let us wash it clean, and you’ll be able to impress the general public with ease!

Interested in scheduling our roof cleaning services? Looking to learn more about how it works and how much it costs? If so, don’t wait to call us at 828-447-6538. A friendly member of our team is ready to take your call and talk to you about it!

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